Extending of Ramazaan Bazaar Promotion duration

The ongoing Ramazan Bazaar Promotion has been extended till 24th June 2017 at STO Home Improvement and all Regional Sales outlets.
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STO Annual General Meeting 2016

STO AGM 2016 was held on 30th June 2016 at Rannabandeyri Malam, Dharubaaruge.
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Robert Luncheon Meat Promotion

Robert Luncheon Meat Promotion has been launched at STO Supermart from 27th May 2017 till 31st June 2017.
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Devondale milk powder promotion luckydraw

Devondale milk powder promotion lucky draw was taken at STO supermart shop today.
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Donation of Ramadan gifts to the home for people with special needs in K. Guraidhoo

STO group companies has donated Ramadan gifts to the Home for people with special needs in K. Guraidhoo on 22nd May 2017.
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Launching of Lakka Saamaanu Promotion

STO Construction's Lakka Saamaanu Promotion has been launched by STO MD Ahmed Shaheer.
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STO Family Day 2017

STO Family Day 2017 was held on 12th May 2017 at Henveiru Ground.
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STO Media Briefing

STO Media Briefing held to brief all medias on STO AGM 2016 and Ramadan preparations.
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Launching of Fish and Meat Fest

Fish and Meat Fest has been officially been launched at STO Supermart. Along with STO Supermart,a total of 6 companies took part in this promotion.
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Media Briefing

STO's MD Ahmed Shaheer and CFO Mohamed Mihad briefed media on the financials of year 2016.
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Launching of STO Song

STO song was launched at STO Home Improvement on 27th April 2017. STO's official song was performed by Detune Band.
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Occupational Safety & Health Conference 2017

Occupational Safety & Health Conference 2017, organized by STO along with MACI, to mark the world day for safety & health at work 2017.
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Ramazaan Bazaar launching at STO Supermart

Ramazaan Bazaar has officially been launched at STO Supermart. This promotion will last from 23rd April 2017 till 1st July 2017.
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STO Media Briefing

STO MD Ahmed Shaheer briefed media on the change in fuel and staple. STO reduced Petrol price by 20 laari and Diesel price by 10 laari per litre effective from 23rd April 2017. Also Rice and Sugar price were reduced by 15% and Wheat Flour by 12% effective from 23rd April 2017 as well.
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STO hosts Wheelchair handover ceremony

STO proudly hosts wheelchair handover ceremony at STO Henveiru Pharmacy. Late Nasira Abdulla's heir Aishath Najma sponsored the wheelchairs to people with disabilities. Former Disability Ambassador Ahmed Hishan coordinated this event.
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Relocation of STO Staple godown to Male' Industrial Village

STO and Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure signed agreement on ministry of housing providing land area for the relocation of STO Staple godown.
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"Beat Oral Cancer" Campaign Launching

Signing ceremony between STO and Cancer Society of Maldives on STO supporting "Beat Oral Cancer" Campaign.
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Signing ceremony between STO and Fenaka

STO and Fenaka Corporation signed agreement on Supply,Calibration and Tank Storage Development Project today.
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Sponsorship signing with between STO & FAM

STO MD Ahmed Shaheer and FAM president Bassam Adheel Jaleel signed on Minivan Championship 2017 and Male' League 2017 sponsorship agreement.
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Launching of STO Supermart Whole Sale Promotion

STO Supermart whole sale promotion has been launched by STO Senior General Manager Fathimath Ashan today ( 4th April 2017).
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