Wholesale & Retail Trade

Trading is a core area of STO's business and wholesaling is an important part of it. We provide a wide range of products to our wholesale customers. Many of these products are under our authorized distributorship.

To drive our wholesale business and to provide a more desirable customer experience, we recently opened a new facility named "STO Wholesale Centre" equipped with specially trained staff to serve our wholesale customers.

STO also conducts retail trade on a very large scale, geographically and by volume. Our retail operation includes all activities involved in selling goods directly to the end user and providing training and after-sales support where needed.

Our retail facilities are very popular among locals and expatriates. Each of our retail facilities offers a great selection of products at competitive prices in an enjoyable shopping environment. Our retail staffs are continuously trained on products and customer care.

Wholesale Products

Staple foods, Construction materials, Electronics, Power tools, Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, etc.

Retail Products

Most of our wholesale products (except staple foods), Supermarket products, etc.

Main Business Outlets

STO Peoples Choice Home Improvement

Established in May 1995, deals with home appliances, paints, power tools, furniture and cooling systems.

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STO Peoples Choice Supermart

Established in 1991, Supermart is reputed to be the largest supermarket in the country. It also introduced supermarkets to the nation which provided an inexpensive mode of shopping to the public. Deals with merchandise ranging from toiletries, stationeries, canned and frozen foods, household items and consumer goods.

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STO Peoples Choice Construction Materials

Established in 1988, deals with construction materials such as cement, river sand, deformed bars, plywood, timber, and roofing materials. It also functions as the main distributor of locally packed international standard cement and roofing sheets with the aide of its subsidiaries Maldives Marine Cement and Maldives Structural Products.

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STO Peoples Choice Staple Foods

Since the establishment of STO in the mid 60s, it has been endowed with the responsibility of ensuring availability of staple foods at reasonably affordable prices while maintaing high qualities.

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STO Peoples Choice Medicals

Provides pharmaceutical drugs and other medical items to public consumers and corporate clients such as Indira Ghandhi Memorial Hospital, local pharmaceutical companies and the regional hospitals.

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STO Peoples Choice Fuel and Lubricants

Operated from Funadhoo island and Dhoonidhoo island (Malé Atoll) deals with the supply and sale of a wide variety of petroleum products.

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Island Branches

The company operates a pharmacy on every inhabited island, and outlets and distribution centers in the following regional locations.

Credit Scheme

STO Credit Scheme was established in October 1995 with the objective of providing Government employees the flexibility of purchasing goods from STO on installment basis.

Due to its popularity and success over the years, we have been receiving very good response with increasing number of customers purchasing goods via credit scheme on a daily basis throughout the year.

The STO Credit Scheme is available to employees of Government, Government controlled companies and STO joint venture companies.

The credit Scheme procedure is designed in a way to provide speedy service and flexibility to Credit Scheme Customers. The process starts from approving Credit Scheme form from STO head office. In this step every applicant is given a credit limit depending on their basic salary. This limit ranging from 5,500.00 to 20,000.00 and depending on their salary and educational allowance a limit is allotted to each customer. An interest of 10% is chargeable on the goods purchased via credit scheme as interest. Customers can choose to purchase goods from all the outlets except STO Peoples Choice Supermart, STO Peoples Choice Staple foods and STO Peoples Choice Medicals.

Get the rules, forms and other documents and formats for the credit scheme from our downloads page.

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